Conditions of Payment

The full rental payment is required to secure a booking with a $750 bond per jetski for hire from beach as launch site and $1,000 bond per jetski for “Tow & Go!” towaway rental must be paid by cash, bank deposit or debit/credit card before the date of hire. The bond(s) will be refunded on safe return of the jetski(s) and once refuel and post-hire inspection(s) have been completed and refunds will be subject to no damage to the jetski(s) or equipment. Hibiscus Jetski Hire Limited has no influence over bank processing times to refund the bond into a nominated bank or debit/credit card account taking up to 3-5 business days.

Hibiscus Jetski Hire Limited reserves the right to retain funds from the bond(s) for the following:

    • (a) Loss or damage to jetski(s) or equipment.

    • (b) Cost of refuelling the jetski(s).

    • (c) Defrayment of costs due to jetski(s) not being returned at scheduled time.

    • (d) Any outstanding debits on the Hirer’s account (fuel, towables etc.).

    • (e) Cancellation of future bookings due to damage to jetski(s) or equipment.


In the event of a cancellation Hibiscus Jetski Hire Limited will issue a Jetski Hire Gift Voucher of equivalent value, which entitles the Hirer to priority reschedule, valid for 12 months (Gift Vouchers not redeemable for cash). If this is not acceptable to the Hirer a cancellation charge of 50% of rental payment excluding insurance bond(s) will apply.


    • (a) Minimum age of 18 years to operate jetski(s).

    • (b) Maximum passenger loading including skipper is 3 persons (max. 190kg).

    • (c) Maximum speed of 5 knots within 200m of shoreline.

    • (d) Maximum speed of 5 knots within 50m of any vessel(s) or person(s) in water at any time.

    • (e) Maximum speed of 5 knots within 200m of a vessel displaying blue & white diving flag.

    • (f) Wristband kill switch lanyard must be worn by driver at all times whilst jetski is operating.

    • (g) Driver and passenger(s) must all be wearing approved life vest(s) while using the jetski(s).

    • (h) Must have an observer (minimum 10 years of age) on the jetski(s) if towing a sea biscuit.

    • (i) Jetski(s) must not be used in water shallower than 1m or damage to the hull, engine, impellers or associated workings for the jet unit will be the sole responsibility of the Hirer(s).

    • (j) Jetski(s) must not operate within the hours of darkness.

    • (k) Jetski(s) will not be used by intoxicated persons or persons taking judgment impairing substances prior or during the hire period. If the Hirer(s) appear(s) to be intoxicated or under the influence of judgment impairing substances at the Safety Briefing, Hibiscus Jetski Hire Limited has the right to cancel the hire without refund.

    • (l) Hirer(s) to exercise proper care and diligence for the security of the jetski(s) and will do nothing to jeopardise any insurance claims that may arise while the jetski(s) and equipment is in the Hirer(s) care.

    • (m) Jetski(s) must be driven by or under direct instruction by the Hirer who signed for it.

    • (n) Hirer(s) responsible for ensuring that jetski has sufficient oil and water while in their possession, hired in clean condition and must be returned in the same state. If the above conditions are not adhered to a minimum charge of $50.00 may apply.

    • (o) Jetski(s) must not be used further than 2 nautical miles from the shore

    • (p) Hirer(s) to not have any medical conditions that would affect his or her ability to safely operate the jetski(s).

Breach of Law and Regulations

The Hirer(s) shall be responsible for any costs resulting from breaches of Maritime Rules & Laws, traffic laws and regulations including traffic and parking fines.


Hibiscus Jetski Hire Limited reserves the right to remove the jetski(s) and equipment from the Hirer’s possession or exchange it at any time or refuse the service to anyone at the sole discretion of Hibiscus Jetski Hire Limited.

Damage and Accidents

Should the jetski(s) and equipment be involved in an accident or sustain loss while on loan, Hibiscus Jetski Hire Limited must be informed immediately. The following steps must be taken:

    • (a) Inform the police if passenger(s) or others are injured.

    • (b) Obtain the name and address of the driver(s) of any other vehicle(s) involved including all insurance details.

    • (c) Obtain the name(s) and address(es) of any witness(es).

    • (d) Make no other statements and do not admit liability for the accident.

Indemnity and Insurance

    • (a) Insurance for the jetski(s) will be provided by Hibiscus Jetski Hire Limited.

    • (b) In the event of an accident, the Hirer(s) will complete any insurance forms required by Hibiscus Jetski Hire Limited and will cooperate fully for any insurance purposes and for any third party claims made against Hibiscus Jetski Hire Limited.

    • (c) Hirer(s) agree that all bond(s) will be retained in the event of an insurance claim having to be submitted in order to cover excess.

    • (d) Hirer(s) indemnifies Hibiscus Jetski Hire Limited (and its Director) from all claims of whatever nature that may result from the hire of the equipment.

    • (e) Hirer(s) shall be responsible for any costs resulting from breaches from Maritime Rules & Laws, traffic laws and regulations including traffic and parking fines.

Pest Control – Why you need to check your gear!

The Hauraki Gulf is a marine park of national significance. Many of the islands of the Gulf are pest free or partially pest free. This means they are now home to some of New Zealand’s rarest and most endangered species like tuatara, takahe, shore plover and kiwi. The islands are also recovering naturally as birds reintroduce themselves to these safe havens. It is important to keep them pest free – and we need your help!

Pest animals and plants can invade our islands by stowing away on or in your footwear, gear or boat. Insects could hide in your bag and weeds, seeds and soil could cling to your clothing and shoes.

Prepare for your trip:

    • Ensure all footwear and gear is clean and free of soil.

    • Seal up your gear & food as soon as you have finished packing and leave it closed until you reach your destination.

    • “Leave only footprints!” with all rubbish to be taken and recycled or disposed off responsibly.